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OPG (Dental X-Rays)


Gold Coast Radiology Scanner:

Planmeca are the recognized leaders in dental X-Rays and the PROLINE XC series of dental X-Ray machines provide ease of operation, superior image quality and full digital capabilities, making the PROLINE XC panoramic scanner an invaluable tool in the diagnosis of dental and peri dental pathology.  The Planmeca PROLINE XC is a purpose built dental X-Ray machine that ensures scientifically proven and anatomically correct imaging geometry for an undistorted clincally valuable dental scan.  Combined with a high tech constant potential X-Ray generator the Planmeca PROLINE XC dental scanner provides the best image quality and the lowest patient radiation dose.


How It Works:

An OPG (orthopantomograph) X-Ray machine uses an X-Ray tube mounted to an gantry which allows it to move in an arc around the patients jaw.  Digital tomography is used to keep structures of interest in the focal plane, whilst "blurring" the other structures.  This results in a high resolution image of the patients dentitian. The resultant X-Ray or OPG is a panoramic image showing the entire jaw and dentitian.


OPG Advantages over Other Types of Scans:

The OPG is specifically designed to capture and image of the entrie jaw and dentitian in one panoramic view.  The image takes a short time to capture with a low patient radiation dose.  The digital nature of the X-Ray means there is no films that need to be placed in the mouth and the digital images can be easily stored and transmitted electronically.