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Nuclear Medicine Information

What is a Nuclear Medicine Scan?

Nuclear Medicine uses specialised "dyes" called radiopharmaceuiticals / tracers which are injected into a vein in the arm (similar to a blood test), to take pictures using a special camera called a gamma camera.  The gamma camera is able to detect the location of the tracer in the body and an image is created on a computer for the specialist nuclear medicine physcian to interpret. 

The most common radiopharmaceuitical used is called 99mTc (Technetium).  The technetium is bound to other pharmaceuitals which basically determine where the tracer will accumulate in the body.  The ability for the tracer to localise to different parts of the body allow for different organs of the body to be photographed and imaged.  The radiotracers used are safe and the amount of radiation a patient is exposed to from the tracer is small. 


Nuclear Medicine Patient Preparation

The majority of Nuclear Medicine procedures do not require any special preparation, and most often the patient can continue to eat and drink normally, and continue to take any prescription medication as required.  Please see the detailed information for the most common Nuclear Medicine procedures.  If the study you are having does not have an information sheet, please contact Gold Coast Radiology on 07 5514 2555.

Nuclear Medicine Patient Info Sheets
Biliary Bone Marrow
Bone Brain
Captopril Renal Myocardial Perfusion
Colonic Transit Compartment Syndrome
CSF Flow CSF Shunt
DMSA Renal Gallium Scan Infection
Gallium Scan Tumor Gastric Emptying
Iodine 131 Therapy Iodine 131 Whole Body
Labelled WBC Lacrimal Study
Liver Haemangioma Liver Spleen Scan
Lymph Study Meckels Study
MIBG Study Oesophageal Transit
Parathyroid Study Renal Scan
Sentinel Lymph Node Thyroid Scan
VQ Lung Scan